"The best bbq rub and seasoning I have ever tasted, it is good on everything."
Gary Browing

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While working at the Pickwick Club, a private club in Michigan, Chef Bill Bird started blending dry rubs for cooking barbeque ribs. The dry rubs allowed the ribs to be roasted ahead of time and finished when ordered and still have that cooked on the grill flavor. About 10 years ago Chef Bird added brown sugar with it's natural moisturizing and tenderizing characteristics to the blend of garlic, assorted dry herbs, sweet paprika, chili powder, and other seasonings and we have the Billy Jim's of today. When used as a rub, Billy Jim's brings out the flavors of slow roasted and grilled meats. Billy Jim's is also a superb seasoning for vegetables, potatoes, seafood, steaks and hamburgers. Checkout the recipes page for more uses of this fantastic seasoning.

Billy Jim's is packed in a resealable plastic lined bag. The seasoning is all natrual ingreinets so some lumping may accure.

We use only the finest natrual spices

Not a salt based rub/seasoning

You haven't seasoned your food till you've use Billy Jim's

To purchase Billy Jim's Call 740-607-0725

Bird & Bird Enterprises Inc.
5610 Pleasant View Dr
Nashport, Ohio 43830

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